Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Expanding Worldview of British History

      I am not a girl that thinks history is exciting or even wanting to pay attention to try to learn something new. The first day in the United Kingdom has already changed my mind about several of different things, such as history. Within an hour of being in a different country we were scheduled to tour the Windsor Castle. When I decided to come on this trip I decided to keep an open mind about everything; my first step was to keep an open mind when entering the history of Windsor Cattle.
    The castle was beautiful, but it was not until I stepped into St. George's Chapel when I was speechless. The gothic architecture is what grabbed my attention because it was nothing I have ever seen before. We had headsets that explained every part of history that was in the Chapel from the angels that were carved in the walls to the memorial of princess Charlotte and her stillborn child. Which her death changed British history forever because her aunt Victory took the thrown. The chapel was for worship and walking around the entire chapel I really got that feeling and the respect for chapel as well.
    The next point of history was Mary's Dollhouse. When I was a child I had my share of dollhouses, dolls, and their clothes. But the dollhouse I saw in the castle was like no other dollhouse I have ever seen in my life. It was huge and detailed to every dish on the dinning room table to a dog in the yard. All sort of painters and designers added a little something to this dollhouse to make it complete. Mary received this dollhouse from Queen Victoria, which was a gift that is now part of the British history of Windsor Castle. Something else that I noticed was the fashion of the doll clothes that were presented compared to the doll's clothes we have in America today.
    To make my way throughout the castle rooms became bigger and the details became sharper. Listening to the history of each room and the suppose that room had and to who; my infatuation with history started to grow. Each painted had so much detail with a story to go along with it. Each chandelier glisened at every angle of lighting. Even the stairs you walked up has been walked by royalty.  
   Once I was finished with the tour of Windsor Castle I was full of emotions. These emotions was excitement because I for once in my life enjoyed history and took so much away from it by that one tour of a castle. Also I began to think that it would not be so bad to be royalty in the United Kingdom. It was only the first day here and I have already benefited so much from coming in with an open mind. I have so much more history to learn about while on this trip and I am ready for it all! Happy London!

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  1. Great post!! I am not a history person either, however I also was touched by the Castle. Absolutely beautiful!! It was a great tour!! WOOWOO for Castles!!