Saturday, May 23, 2015

Art With Criminal Justice

       While being in London I got the opportunity to see professional military marching bands and a professional play in a theater. Anyone that knows me, that art in any sort of form is not my cup of tea and I lack knowledge in that department. But by experiencing the marching band and going to the theater I learned a lot and have a greater appreciation for the arts departments around the world.
      In June is when the celebration of the Queen’s birthday, which is in April, and an event called Trooping of the Colour takes place. This event is a huge event in London, and because of that the troops need to practice the ceremony from the beginning to the end. We were lucky enough to watch the troops second practice of this ceremony. It was something I have never seen before. Even though it was only their second practice they did very well. Even though I do not know a lot about marching bands or instruments I even notice a few mistakes; which I was proud of myself because of my lack of knowledge.  I believe that once the day comes for the official ceremony they well be fabulous. There were some soldiers that had instruments and others were marching with their guns that were SA-80s, with a knife attached to them. Seeing the soldiers in their ceremonial uniforms; was uniforms I have always seen in pictures and finally I saw them in person. After seeing this amazing event being prepared makes me wish that we would have something in America with our soldiers. I have a lot more respect for a military marching band or any marching band for that matter.

      I have only seen a handful of plays in my lifetime but they all have been high school plays, which we all know how those turn out. I went to watch them because my friends would always be in them. But I never really took much interest into them because I did not have a passion for that art department. Coming to London previous students were always so glad that they went to the theater. So when time got closer we booked tickets the go see ‘The Lion King.’ Growing up Lion King was always one of my favorite childhood movies, even though I cried every time. When Wednesday rolled around I was getting pretty excited to go see the play! I personally thought the performance was amazing and I loved the entire thing! But once the play was over we got together and disgusted it all and there were a few weaknesses in the performance that I did not catch because I did not know any differently. I have future plans to attend more theaters and have appreciation of a career like that because it cannot be easy.

  Even though criminal justice did not fall into these events directly I believed I have benefited from attending the events because it has help me have a new wider view art and help me be a well rounded person. I am excited to get back to the sates because I think it will lead to a interest theater and band, were I will attend events at Chadron State College when there are performances. I think everyone should know more about art departments before making up their minds or having judgments. I was closed minded to the theater and bands but the London trip has changed my mind completely.  

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