Thursday, May 14, 2015

Transportation In London

   In any country transportation is a way of life; but the forms of transportation is different every where a person travels. Leading up to our departure we had discussed the Tube, how cars drive on the opposite side of the road, and the fact that bikes are everywhere. We had an idea of what to expect when we arrived in London, but everything changed when I stepped off of the plane in London.
   In London everything is on the opposite side compared to the United States, such as the car on the road and the drivers seat. To me personally it is so weird because we have been taught for years that the American way is how we should drive. I have been in many different cities where there has been a lot of traffic. The traffic in London is something I have never seen before. The cars and busses drive fast and do not want to stop for nothing or anyone. It is a very fast paced environment , which I was not really prepared for.
   The Tube was entire different experience because I have been on the subway before but I think it is completely different. The first time we stepped on the Tube it was not extremely busy which we were fortune for. The Tube was a lot quieter then what the subways I have been on were. Even though people keep to themselves in London I have seen a few acts of kindness while being on the Tube. I have seen a gentleman give up his seat for a woman that was using arm crushes to help her walk. I also have witnessed men giving up their seats for women to sit which is very rare to see not only in America but in this day of age. The second time on the Tube is an experience for the books. The Tube was at our stop when we were coming down the stairs. So Dr. Nobiling decided we were going to make a run for it. In this process I dropped my Tube pass, which I had to stop and pick up. The doors began to close and I did not want to be the only student left behind. I thought it was a smart idea to put my hands between the closing doors and push my way through. Luckily, I was successful at this because I made my way through and a handsome gentleman that was standing there commented on my strength. I was extremely embarrassed and realize what I just had done was very dangerous. But I am still proud of myself for not being left or having my arm cut off. The Tube will always be a memory within itself.
   Before coming on this trip were always discuss the walking and the lengths we have to walk a day. I enjoy all the walking we have been on because I know I will have great legs afterwards! But what I find so terrifying about the walking is crossing the streets. Even though the roads tell you what direction to look at, it still scares me I could really get hit. We have had a few close calls with our group that we laugh about now. The one situation I will not forget is when we were looking for a college pub as a group. We were waiting to cross a street and Brenna decided it was a good time to cross and a bike was coming right at her. I remember screaming bike! All she could do was scream and stand right there. I though the bike was going down and it was just going to be a mess. Luckily it was not and we laughed so hard that my ribs hurt for ten minutes. She has been considered the child of the group that needs helps crossing the streets of London. As the days go by I get less scared of crossing the streets of London. I believe that I am starting to adopt to the culture of London and there transportation ways.

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  1. I have been in a few large cities as well and I can say that the traffic here is way beyond anything I have experienced. It seems to never stop here, even during the middle of the morning we can still hear people on the streets driving. The tube is a great idea that is essentially a necessity here. It was overwhelming the first day I thought, but once we ventured out on our own we figured it out. I was even impressed when you forced the doors open on the tube, I am just thankful that you didn't fall when doing so. Haha. The walking gets me tired, but it does not affect me directly it seems. The part when by body becomes most sore is when we have to stand in the same place for a long time listening to a tour guide. That is when a person can really feel their muscles getting stronger.