Monday, May 18, 2015

Fun In London

     Every experience in London has been fun and life changing; but even on our free days we have chosen to do things that has widened my view of the world. The things that we have done in our free time was go to a zoo, a tour through London Dungeon, ride on the London Eye, and even hit the London’s Natural Science Museum. A few of these things you can do in a America which I have but it is still a completely different experience in London then in America.

            Even though I am twenty-one years old I still love going to the zoo and seeing all the animals. I believe that each time I go to a zoo I learn different information about the animals or the exhibits. Before walking into the zoo, we had to walk though Regents Park and this was a park that I have never seen in America before. This park was gorgeous and completely open. There was not a jungle gym like you would see in America; there was just open grass, trees, and a walking path. I wish we could have parks like this in America but we just do not have the space for parks to be this big or the money for the up keeping of a park like Regents Park. When we arrived to the front of the zoo I was expecting the zoo to be smaller then any zoo I have ever been to, but once we saw the lay out of the map it was a pretty good sized zoo. Every animal experience was breath taking and cute. My personal favorite would hands down be the Gorillas and the baby Gorilla that just arrived there as well. This zoo was the only zoo that I saw four different Gorillas in one exhibit. We walked through the entire zoo saw every exhibit possible and it only took us half of the day. I enjoyed the zoo so much, but it was not my favorite thing we did in our free time so far. The London Dungeon by far has been my favorite thing we have done.
            The London Dungeon is a tour that was based on the years where being beheaded was the most common punishment. The tour also highlighted the major criminals and their actions at this time period as well. Being a criminal justice major, I personally found this beneficial because we got a chance to learn more about the criminal acts of London’s history. Plus there were a few rides a long the way and people jumping out from time to time to keep people on their feet. People’s costumes and the details along the tour were just intriguing to me to look at. I personally think that living through this particular time period where people were beheaded for their criminal actions was cruel but they did not know any better. I took so much from this tour where I want to learn more, so later is week I decided I am going to Jack the Ripper tour. After being scared about the criminals that once walked around London we made our way to see the glorious view from the top of the London Eye.
            The London Eye is a famous ferris wheel that moves so slow that the ride all the way around is about thirty minutes long. To get on and off this ride you have to jump on it and off of it when it is still moving. The area you get into is like a huge room with glass enclosing it and a bench in the middle of it. There is a good amount of people that can fit into one of these and still have plenty of room to more around. It was amazing to see London in a different view. The higher you got the further in London you could see. I am not huge on heights but this was completely worth every foot I was off the ground because I got some of my favorite picture of London while being on the London Eye. By the time the ride was half way over our entire group was ready to get off because it just took so long. It was something I will remember doing for the rest of my life.
            I have mentioned in a previous blog that I am not much of a person for history, but it was suggested to attend a museum while in London. As a group we decided to go to London’s Natural History Museum and I actually really enjoyed the exhibits that we looked at. I spend most of my time in the space and earthquake exhibits because that part of science it what grabs my attention the most.  Parts of the exhibit, were so well put together that just amazed me; like the entrance to the space exhibit we rode up an escalator and went through a huge structure of Earth. Even though it was a museum of science it was time well spent. 

            Even though we call it free time, to me it is all time well spent because I have enjoyed everything we have done in London. I believe that everything I have seen and learned about has opened my eye to see what the world as to offer.  

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  1. This trip has been so amazing and learning and seeing everything we have has been an eye opener. Whether it is us walking for hours or just spending the day hanging out and resting I have enjoyed every minute of every day!