Saturday, May 23, 2015

Education is Different Around The Globe

       On Friday 22, 2015 as an entire group we loaded onto a coach and headed to Oxford. We got the opportunity to tour parts of the university there. I came into this tour thinking that every college is the same so we are here to look at the sights of the college. Little did I know I was completely wrong with my thoughts about Oxford.
      As of a year ago Oxford was the second best college in the world. This college takes students that have creative minds that can do brilliant things like writing several of novels or textbooks. Coming from Chadron Nebraska where a lot of people are accepted to attend college without having amazing test scores or creative minds; I felt so out of place! Criminal justice is where we have to know certain information because we need to follow it rather it beings a law or chain of command. So for me I am a type of student that memorizes information. Well Oxford did not want this type of student because they are looking for students that are going to make a break to amazing research and theories.
      There are several of different colleges that are broken off from Oxford but Oxford University gives them the syllabus and the dates of exams. Also Oxford does not have scheduled classes like CSC does, students have to independently go to lectures and tutors to learn from on their own time. Chadron State goes by semester for tests for students; well in Oxford it’s a different story. They have one test at the end of the year over everything that they should have been studying all year long. This test can either make them or break them. So a person could only imagine how intense it would be to receive a degree from Oxford University.
      The atmosphere that I gathered from visiting parts of the Oxford University is that everything like materials are at the students fingertips and it is up to them to take advantage of the opportunity. Also I believe that students have the mind set that they get to go to lectures and get to read all sorts of different materials instead of American students where we have the mind set that we have to do those things. It all comes down to how a student pursues their education that they are paying for.
            Even though I came on this trip to learn more about the criminal justice field it was quite beneficial to take a trip and exploring how education is different in different parts of the world. It has really caught my interest of how other universities are ran other places. Also it has made me realize that there are so many different types of mind in the world where universities such as Oxford need to exist.  

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