Thursday, May 14, 2015

Global Consequences of Local Behavior

  We first met Constable Richard Watson on Tuesday to show us the Special Operation Room. He is a true character that loves to crack jokes about everything including Dr. Nobiling. We started out watching a video of London's police in action at different events. Then he showed us the Special Operation Room; and further explain how the process works to make the room run smoothly. The system they have set up for events is very interesting.
    The system that they call proceeder for this room is that there will be three people at one set of computers. The roles to the people was the over seer, who gave command and made sure everything ran smoothly. This was the person in charge which if something went wrong then they would receive the heat for it. The next person is the communicator who needs to stay calm and collected to make sure a situation is handled correctly. The next person is the recorder who takes all the notes of what is happening, for records such as in court cases. All three of these roles are important and where there is an event going on then the shifts are an hour with a thirty minute break following behind. This system works because there is so much information coming in where no one can just use half their attention and needs to stay rested.
  The bigger picture of the police for in London was broken down to us by Constable Watson. The way he explained it to us was that police officers were broken down in gold, silver, and bronze. Gold would give the command to silver which would result into them passing it down to bronze. It was their way of chain of command. In this Special Operation Room there was different rooms for meetings of the gold staff and silver staff. The bronze officers where at the computers in the big part of the operation room.  In this system the officers know their roles and not trying to over power an officer that they have no power over.
  The reason that I gave this blog the title of Global Consequences of Local Behavior is because Constable Watson told us that he will sit at home and watch the news and no matter what happens and where it happens at, it will raise the threat to London and they need to make sure they are ready for anything. A prime example that he gave us was the Boston Bombing. Even though that happened in the states, their parathion was a week after and they had to increase their security staff and make sure it would not happen in London like it did in Boston. Any local behavior that happens in the world can effect police procedure at anytime because they need to be ready for anything. London is highly secured because there is so many different cameras around that they can keep an eye out on televisions and be more prepared.
   Another thing that that really makes me think of consequences of local behaviors is that if the Special Operation Room goes down there would be a big problem because it is the only location that is fully staffed and equipped. It makes me think that if people rebelled and went after that building then there is a change that London police would be in "dark," until they arrived to a new operations building. To me that is a little frighting because the consequences of the matter. People's behaviors do not only effect the consequences to local location but if the behavior has a huge consequence like a bomb then it will effect the globe as a whole.

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