Thursday, April 23, 2015

Gun Laws in UK vs. US

   Guns in the United States is almost a way of life for Americans; in the UK their gun laws are more restricted. In the US, we use guns for police officers, hunting, and for shooting sports. It can be easily said that the US is very reliant on our firearms. In the second Amendment, it states that we have the right to bare arms and I believe that Americans take full advantage of it. Citizens find freedom in firearms because they can be use them for fun such as hunting and also protection in a household. Police officers in the US find firearms as a source of a defense mechanism against criminals. A negative result to having guns available in the US is that guns can be placed in the wrong hands and be used to commit criminal acts. This raises the rates to have higher gun crimes in the US. It would be hard to do without guns in the US, but somehow the UK has found a perfect balance in their gun laws.
    The gun laws in the UK is a completely different situation than in the US. It is very uncommon for UK's citizens to have firearms and even for their police offers. I am not saying that they do not have guns at all because they do. It is just the laws are stricter than in the US. For example, any citizen in the UK that has a gun has to be licensed. Citizens go through programs to become licensed. There are major restrictions when it comes to the UK's police officers because not every officer gets to carry a gun like the US. There are very few officers who carry guns in the UK but the ones that do are specially trained and licensed. It would be looked at that the UK has had more control over their guns privileges to citizens and police officers. This results into low statistics in gun crimes.
     By having these two different cultures and looking at the situations that they have with guns and the laws pertaining to guns, it goes to show not every culture can have the same laws. We have to look at the situations that they have been through over the years and what would be best for the cultures now. As I explained, the UK has never had a problem with guns so if guns were completely taken way it would not be a huge deal. But to have the US to have no guns allowed would probably be a bigger challenge than it would ever be worth. This goes to show that cultures become accustomed to certain circumstances. While in London I would love to investigate further into this topic because I take a huge interest in guns. I think it will be interesting to see a culture that is the complete opposite.

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  1. Didn't we figure out I was the only one in our group who hadn't shot a gun? I should fit right in with the Brits! Everybody else will be in the minority!
    Great post!