Thursday, April 23, 2015

The Typical American Stereotypes

    No matter what part of the world is traveled, there will always be situations where there are different  stereotypes. The main focus is going to be the stereotypes that Americans typically get from the British. One of the main stereotypes is that Americans are stupid and very uneducated. This particular stereotype makes me start thinking how their school systems are different to our school systems. This would have an impact on the stereotype of Americans being stupid in their eyes. The next stereotype is that Americans are fat and that our portions are extremely big. Americans are looked at in the UK as we are constantly consuming food to our bodies. I can completely understand this stereotype because as an American we rely on food and fast food that is completely unhealthy for us. Obesity is a huge problem in the United States and this is why this particular stereotype can be very fitting for us. A stereotype that I one hundred precent agree with that the British has about Americans is that we are very proud and speak our minds. To us it is completely normal, until we go to another culture and they are more reserved such as London. I know personally that I can be a very loud person and speak whatever comes to mind. This has me eager to go to London and experience first hand how Americans are so much louder the British. The last stereotype that caught me by surprised that the British has about Americans is we are actually friendly people and we are very confident. Even though most people think of stereotypes as a negative aspect, there are also some positive stereotypes. British do have several of stereotypes that are negative towards Americans but at the same time there are a few positive aspects of Americans in the British's eyes. I am extremely interested to see while in London how they stereotype us when we are there and if what I found is actually true or not. Stay tuned on an update on American stereotypes experienced first hand in London.

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