Monday, June 1, 2015

Global Competence

  A global citizen is a person who is knowledgable about everything that is happening around the world. It is also some one that is not  bias in anyway. Also a global citizen will be supportive of global situations and events and could even put forth some effort. I was defiantly not a global citizen before traveling to London, but now my interest is sparked to see what the life as a global citizen has to offer. I believe that global competence is the start of formation of a global citizen.  
   Some people see that there is more to the world then what it is right in front of them, then there are people that believe the world has nothing else to offer then what is in front of them. In the world today, it is very common for people to stay in their hometown for the rest of their life because they are content with living in a place they have always known the ways of living. These certain people are very closed minded people because they are not changing their life by moving somewhere else or exploring other places. When is comes to global competence it is a different story because it takes someone that is curious about the world.
  Global competence comes down to becoming aware and interested in learning about the world and also the way it works. A person needs to have the ambition to want to go investigate the world and the different cultures within. Ever since I travelled to London for study of broad, I have been interested in knowing more. I want to go travel other places and see how they handle their criminal justice department. I can easily say that I was that closed minded American and thought the world has nothing to offer but what was held within the states. That all changed when I went to London! There is so many different opportunity the world has to offer, it just comes down to a person and if they are going to pursue a global experience. I personally want to contribute to global competence once I finish my college degree, by knowing more about criminal justice around the world. There are so many different tasks and issues around the world to learn about but what has gotten my interest is exploring the different methods within the criminal justice departments in different countries. I want to be able to benefit the American justice system but learning more methods that are practiced around the world.
   It is great to go explore the world and learn the ways of different cultures. But what is the point of that if nothing is going to be given back to others? Some benefits of global competence is widening a person's perspective of things outside of their immediate environment, take actions of bettering conditions somewhere, and having diverse point of views. People can learn so much by seeing different parts of the world were by learning something from one place and bringing it back home lets say could easily better the conditions of a situation. An example I took from London and would really like to see in America is the handcuffs that they use over in London. Their handcuffs were more sturdy and allowed officers to have more power. To me their handcuffs made more sense to me to have and do not know why America does not have handcuffs like that. Something so simple like that can made a huge difference. Global competence starts with a person being interested and curious about the world, but people have to pursue that curiosity to bring the information back to others to get them curious as well. I plan to do just that and I can easily say that it is because of the London Study of Broad Program that has my curiosity of the world started!  

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